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Our design services include: website design; cover design; database production; custom WordPress templates; CSS layout & design; and web-ready image development.

We can design your authoring platform from concept to release - or any stage in-between. We can do simple updates, feature enhancements or a complete site overhaul.

We understand that good communication throughout the process is key to project success. We set up benchmarks to measure development, and when necessary will meet in-person.

books by Tom Racanelli

Below are Tom's current titles

Along the Spiritual Path: A Journey of Seeking and of Finding

In this spiritual memoir, Tom shares his spiritual awakening and knowledge.

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John T. Racanelli

Tom's first book, a biography about his father, John T. Racanelli which he presented to him on his 90th birthday!

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Cracked Out of My Shell | A Whimsical Collection of Inspired Poems

A collection of over 40 poems covering such subject matter as meditation, courage, death, love, nature, spirituality, and more.

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